President:             Leslie Weichsel

Vice President:   Mary Lambright

Secretary:             Marty Foxx

Treasurer:            Pam Vercellone-Smith


Board of Directors

Debbie Bennett
Sandy Beasley
Diana Churchill
Sue DeRosa
Mary Lou Dickson
Marty Foxx
Mary Lambright
Mary Sweeny-Reeves
Pam Vercellone-Smith
Leslie Weichsel
Lynn Wrenn

Board Member –  Emeritus

Dot Bambach
Reed Engle
Jaynne Reichert
Beth Roth
Pat Wolters

Committees / Workgroups

The President shall determine, with the help of the Board of Directors, which Committees/Workgroups are needed in order to accomplish the mission of the Ogeechee Audubon Society.  Each Committee/Workgroup will have a board member as leader.  Each Committee/Workgroup leader will select their own Committee/Workgroup members from OAS membership with recommendations and suggestions from the Board of Directors.


Membership Workgroup

Purpose:  To promote activities to recruit and retain members of OAS to help fulfill the mission of OAS. 

Membership Enrollment:   Debbie Bennett

Holiday Gathering:  TBD


Education Clipart 28001.png

Education Workgroup

Purpose:  To plan presentations, field trips and seek opportunities to participate in outreach activities in the local community.

Education Outreach:   Diana Churchill

Field Trips:   Mary Sweeney-Reeves

Programs:   Lynn Wrenn

Communication Clipart 43597.png

Communications Workgroup

Purpose:  To promote the mission and activities of OAS through effective communication channels both internal and external through a variety of means including social media, direct communication, periodic Newsletters, maintaining a website and through local media publicity.

Social Media:   Mary Lambright

Webmaster:   Mary Lou Dickson 

Newsletter:   Leslie Weichsel

Publicity:   Sandy Beasley


Conservation Workgroup

Purpose: To keep informed of local, state and national governmental policies and actions affecting the natural environment and conservation of natural resources, to advise the Board of Directors, and to carry out the policies of OAS.

Currently all board members are serving on this Committee/Workgroup


Chapter Historian

Purpose – To preserve the records, documents and history of Ogeechee Audubon.  

New Committee/Workgroup