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Savannah Christian Preparatory School

  • Savannah Christian Preparatory School 1599 Chatham Parkway Garden City, GA, 31408 United States (map)

Rusty Blackbirds have become a species of major conservation concern, as their numbers have inexplicably plummeted over the past few decades. And yet, here in Savannah, we have been identifying a growing number of locations that seemingly harbor significant populations of these mysterious blackbirds. Join Stan Gray, who has been studying Rusties at this amazing wintering “megasite” for the past seven (7) years, as we observe what is possibly the largest population of Rusty Blackbirds frequenting the southeast coast. But that is just one aspect of these intriguing school grounds, which are surrounded by countless acres of freshwater wetlands, ponds, and hardwood forests. Welcomed by the school administration to bird this private school property on weekends, Ogeechee Audubon will explore the nature sanctuary affectionately known to the school as “Eden”. Help us look for ways to increase our partnership with SCPS, as we aim to enhance the awareness and elicit the participation of the next generation of conservationists. We hope this field trip will encourage more birders to enjoy Savannah Christian Preparatory School regularly as a birding destination, and add to our avian knowledge of it, for the school’s benefit.

Meet Stan at the main entrance to SCPS, on the road just inside the new gatehouse at 2:30pm. Leader: Stan Gray,

Trip vigor: Moderate with a lot of walking.