Photo by Mary Lambright

Photo by Mary Lambright

Volunteer Opportunity:
Oatland Island Bird Feeders

Want to get involved with some local bird conservation?  Join the Ogeechee Audubon Society bird feeder team at Oatland Island Wildlife Center.  Ogeechee Audubon has partnered with Oatland Island Wildlife Center, providing bird feeders and seed to help our local birds, while educating the public about those birds.  We are always looking for volunteers to help with this project.

The OAS bird feeder team maintain these feeders, all of which are located around the main area, so there is not toting heavy bags of seed down the trails.  Also, entrance to Oatland Island Wildlife Center is free when the volunteers come to fill the feeders.

The OAS bird feeder team volunteers have some specific duties which include:

  1. Monitoring and filling up to six (6) bird feeders located at three (3) locations around the main area. There are two feeders per pole with one pole at the front of the building and two poles at the back of the site.  Filling the feeders includes:
    1. Loading up to three varieties of bird seed into their car from a storage building on site.
    2. Driving around to each bird feeder station, and filling the feeders with appropriate seed, as needed.
    3. Returning the remaining seed to the storage building when finished.
      Note:  A step ladder is available in the storage building if needed to fill any feeders.
  1. Monitoring and communicating any need for seed to the OAS Oatland Island Volunteer Coordinator. Also, any problems with the individual feeders or poles should also be reported.
  2. Additionally, usually once a year, the feeders are cleaned using a nearby water source.

Timing of the visits is scheduled for Thursday to Sunday.  Depending on the number of volunteers, you may only be scheduled to work about every third month.

If you are interested in becoming an OAS bird feeder team volunteer, please contact us.